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Key Personnel :

 Ali Reza  Saboori Fard

 MA-Arch / Sc.Tech - Uni .Tehran                          Managing Director

 Mehdi Iranian

MA-Arch / Sc.Tech - Uni .Tehran                           Director  .

                                                                                        Head of Architectural Design & Project management

 Sa’id Gholiha

MA-Arch / Sc.Tech - Uni .Tehran                            Director  .

                                                                                         Head of Construction & Project Management

NNN’s Brief Resume

In Architectural Design and Project-management



Projects which has been designed by NNN ,2007-2012


  • Baharan Residential& Commercial Center(160000 Sq.m),Tehran,2009
  • Rastegar Lab.,Tehran University,2009.
  • Valiasr City Center (110000 Sq. m), Tehran, 2004 up to now.
  • Residential Buildings( Tehran,Lavasan, Sari, Lar, Mahshar)
  • Residential Complexes (Yazd -2003, Arak -2005).
  • Maryam commercial complex (110000 Sq.m), Concept Design, Tehran, 2010.
  • Tehranpars Medical Center, Tehran, 2003
  • Factory’s Office Building, SACMI molds & dies Company, Lia, 2012.
  • KFC Restaurant, Mashad, 2012.
  • Woman’s Residential Cooperation, Façade Design, Teharn, 2012.
  • Interior Design Projects:
    • Mashad Carpet Exhibition-Tehran, 2007
    • Mashad Leather Exibition-Tehran,2007
    • Kamranie penthouse renovation, 2009-2010.
    • Nazari House, renovation, Tehran,2009.
    • Safaee Office, Renovation, Tehran, 2009.
    • Refah chain store, Concept Design, Tehran, 2009.
    • Tandis Jewelry shop, Renovation, Tehran, 2009.
    • Vaghari Office, Renovation, Tehran, 2009.
    • Ramsar Villa, 2008-2009.
    • Parkway Apartmen, Tehran,2010.
    • Naft Apartment, Tehran,2010.
    • Ferdos Autopark Entrance Lobby, Tehran,2009.
    • ASP, Head Quarter Office, Tehran,2009.
    • EN Bank, Branch Office, Tehran,2009
    • Baran Office and Commercial Tower, Tehran, 2010.
    • Ghadery House, Tehran, renovation, 2012.





Projects which NNN involved in, as an outsource designer:



  • Seoul Commercial Center,Bafto Bana Architectural Consultant, Tehran ,2005.
  • Poonak Sport Complex, Bafto Bana Architectural Consultant, Tehran, 2006.
  • Shokr Mosque, Shabestan Architectural Consultant, Yazd, 2003.
  • Mehriz Restaurant, Shabestan Architectural Consultant, Yazd, 2003.
  • Taft Office Building, Shabestan Architectural Consultant, Yazd, 2004.
  • Ardakan Cultural Complex, Shabestan Architectural Consultant, Yazd, 2004.
  • Yazd Shopping Center, Design in old Texture, Shabestan Architectural Consultant, Yazd, 2003.
  • Ardakan Red Crescent Building, Shabestan Architectural Consultant, Yazd, 2003.
  • Mehriz Guest Houses & Manager Resident Hall, Shabestan Architectural Consultant, Yazd, 2004.
  • Baran Tower(23th Floor, 150000 Sq.m), Pars Gostareh Architectural Consultant,Tehran,2009-2010
  • Baran Facade Engineering (67000 Sq.m), Façade Specification and Detail Design, Tehran, 2010.



NNN as Site Architect

  • Macro HQ, Interior renovation, 2004
  • Sarmaye Bank, Isfahan, Sheikh sadugh, Interior renovation, 2006.
  • Taban Office Building. Interior renovation, 2010
  • Kamranie penthouse(950Sq.m), Interior renovation, 2010
  • Nazari House, Interior renovation ,
  • Office building( 23000 Sq.m), Melli Bank, Jalke , 2011.
  • Ramsar Villa,Ramsar,2008-2010
  • Sarmaye Bank, Ghazvin, Khayam, 2007.
  • Mashahr Residential Building, Mashahr, 2007.


NNN Projects in Façade Engineering, third Partner of Alan-Aksoy Aluminum Fabricator Company (Turkish-Iranian Joint Venture)

  • Monenco, HQ Office, Façade contractor,7000 Sq.m, Site Manager & Technical support, Tehran, 2011.
  • Partner of Marcketing & Technical Supports involving in Project Studying:
    • Baran Tower, 70000 Sq.m façade- Unitized Curtain wall+ composite Cladding+ Terra Cotta Cladding+
    • Omid-2 Tower, 12000 Sq.m façade. Stick Curtain wall+ Composite Cladding+ Windows + Sunbreakers
    • Pars Tower, 40000 Sq.m façade. Unitized, Semi Unitized and Stick Curtain wall and Skylights + Aluminum Claddings+ double skin Façade



Researcher Team, Housing Department, BHRC, 1997‐2012.

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spaces on comfort of human in residential buildings based on

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  • Report: R‐336
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